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my journal entry for my journalism class

my journal entry for my journalism class
The Rise of Of Mice & Men
Coming up with there new album Restoring Force, released on January 27th, 2014, The post hardcore band Of Mice & Men are rising up into stardom. They are making appearances all over music media and has been featured on Kerrang, and Substreem music magazines and has recently climbed to the top on the front cover on the latest issue of Alternative press. As their music progresses, so does their ever increasing fan base. “ I believe in living in a constant state of progression, if you’re not moving forward than where are you going?” says frontman Austin Carlile, in an interview with Showskii.
“Every song is something that I’ve been through, so I can present it to our fans and know that they are going to be able to relate to this album”, Austin tells Alternative press in the article by Rian J Downey. As their 3rd full length album a lot of their fans can say that it is their best yet!
The album was produced by David Bendeth that being said, most critics can agree that he did a great job mixing Austin’s impressive roars with Aaron Pauly’s compelling clean vocals. The band made a bold decision releasing this album, as it is "nothing like before” says an anonymous speaker. The album is a combination of mellow and metal core, Austin explain to Alternative Press that to him it sounds like a combination of the bands Meshuggah and Nickelback, which is a big difference in their previous music. One thing that hasn’t change is their powerful lyrics. “Your days are like pages, the chapters unread you have to keep turning your book has no end”. as Austin full heartedly screams to address a big issue in todays society -teen suicide- in their song 'Glass Hearts’.
From the beginning, Of Mice & Men has made honest and inspiring music about life.
It didn’t take long for this lively band to form an aspired fan base. Their first self titled album released by Rise Records, was filled with deeply written lyrics from the death of Austin Carlile’s mother to the honest thoughts on Austin’s former group Attack, Attack.
Of mice & Men’s previous album, The Flood is filled with meaningful lyrics. This really highlights the bands progress in songwriting both lyrical and melodic. it features former vocalist, Shaylee Bourgett’s feels on the heart ache of missing his girlfriend while he is miles away on tour in the song ‘When you can’t sleep at night’ as well as the full bands ideas on acceptance in their song “My Understandings”.
The band has made some bold decisions in the past that has lead them to where they are today.
The biggest decision ever for front man Austin Carlile, was leaving his former band Attack, Attack, and starting a new band named after the novel John Steinbeck. on February ninth 2011, The former clean vocalist Shayley Bourget stepped down from his position in Of Mice & men due to back problems, financial difficulties and depression. In Shaylee’s departure video, he explain that he couldn’t let the band down and be what everyone was looking up to him as, he goes on to say that being in such and aspiring band such as of mice & men he didn’t want to keep pretending that he was ok, when his whole world was upside down and he had some problems to take care of before he was going to stand before his fans and inspire. This proves that Of Mice and Men holds there inspiring title with a heavy humble heart. Aaron Pauly former lead vocalist from Jamie’s Elsewhere made the decision to step in and be the new clean vocalist which many listener loved.
With their inspiring music and their growing fan base Of Mice & Men are quickly racing to the tip top of the metal scene. The bands bold decisions and new members have paid off as they continue to impress their old fan base and pull in new fans.
Anonymous asked: What are your favorite lyrics from your favorite songs?



well, there are so many I love my local bands. It’s so hard to choose! I love Iris by the goo goo dolls, because in the text, it said ” and i don’t want the world to see me, because i don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.” .. this really hits on a lot of what I am always going through, because I feel so un accepted, I hide my true self from people so they don’t break me. they don’t have things to hurt me with, but some one who I loved, and had so much with doesn’t know me anymore. we broke up and now everything’s different, I don’t want him to see me because I don’t want him to misunderstand me like so many others have;I have trust issues with that.  and seeing that I a, going to be broken anyways, I REALLY just want him to know who I am, I want to tear down those shy walls that keep me from so much. and I guess that’s what happens when you  go through as much as I have. with people leaving and going. in the beginning ” and I’d give up forever to touch you, cause I know that you feel me some how.” this means a whole lot to me because I would giv up my so much to be with him again and to be were we were, and ” cause i know that you feel me some how”.. do you know the feeling that there’s a difference in someone who knows your story, and than someone who lived through it with you…. While you cried through it…I can get more into this… but I think you get the point J


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